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Our Process


Acclaimed Attacks and eliminates the problem at the source.



Acclaimed Defends against reinfection by repairing and reinforcing your perimeter.


Acclaimed Protects those defences through regular maintenance and inspections.

About Us

Acclaimed Pest Control is a local Southern California family owned business that started in 2015. Our corporate office is based in Brea, centrally located for Southern California.

Striving to educate our customers and provide options that best fit their specific pest control needs, our team always takes the extra step to both ensure our clients are pleased with our service but also have peace of mind.

Specializing in pest control and structural repairs which include pest exclusion, sanitation, and much more!

Our Services

Termite and Wood Destroying Organisms

  • Inspections
  • Clearance Reports
  • Fumigation
  • Localized Treatment
  • Wood repair and replacement

General Pest Control

  • One Time Treatment
  • Maintenance Plan

Mosquito Control

  • One Time Treatment
  • Maintenance Plan

Rodent Control

Special Services

  • Flea, Mite, Tick, and Carpet Beetle Treatments
  • German Roach Treatment
  • Pantry Pest Treatments
  • Bed Bug Treatment
  • K9 Clearance for Bed Bugs
  • Haul Away & Disposal
  • Disinfect/Sanitize
  • Bed Bug, Roach & Beetle Fumigation