German Roach Problem?

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German Roaches:

Cockroaches spread disease and contaminate food products, and are located primarily in your kitchen and bathroom areas. German Roaches are a problem that will quickly escalate, hiding in tiny, dark, hard-to-reach places. They leave an egg sac that looks like a grain of rice (called an “ootheca”) which holds 30 to 40 roaches. They are even developing resistance to Big Box pesticides that used to work! Our Pest Control Specialist will create a treatment plan for eliminating your roach problem, typically across two visits. Preparation and Sanitation are the keys to fast and effective German Roach treatments.


Sanitation, Sanitation, Sanitation! Cleanliness is the most important factor for two reasons. First, the products we use lose their effectiveness when applied to dirt and grime. Second, if food and water is available to the cockroaches, they will avoid our baits, and continue to thrive and reproduce. Please be sure that dirty dishes are not left for long periods, and that there is no standing water. Eliminating clutter will also help to eliminate their hiding places.



Cleanliness is the single most important factor in getting rid of a cockroach infestation. If the building is very clean, food is properly stored, and food waste is not left out, then generally it takes one or two treatments to eliminate roaches. If cleanliness is an issue, then more treatments will be needed, or the problem may recur.

In multi-unit settings, such as an apartment or townhouse, there is a chance that roaches are coming from another unit. This can make it very difficult to completely eradicate the problem. For roach control, only the interiors are treated. In multi-unit settings, we recommend that all units be inspected for activity, and those units with activity be treated regularly until the problem is resolved.


We use a combination of treatment products such as baits, dusts, traps and sprays. Generally, customers see improvement within a few days, but you should give the initial treatment two to three weeks to take full effect before having a follow-up treatment performed. Total eradication may be achieved in one treatment, but generally takes multiple treatments. We recommend every two to three weeks until the roaches are gone.

In most cases it is OK to be present while we treat for roaches, but if you are chemical sensitive we recommend leaving. In any case, please avoid touching all treated areas until our spray has dried completely.

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