Rodent Problem?

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Rats, Rodents, Mouse and Mice


Once the rats have established a nest, they don’t just move on, they become persistent.

As long as food and water are nearby they will breed and multiply.


Trap and Remove
Deny Access by Excluding Them
Clean Up Droppings, Sanitize and Neutralize Odors.

Rodent Inspection:

Inspection by a specialist for rodent activity both interior and exterior.  Treatment methods will be provided upon inspection.

Rodent Trapping:
Rodents can be a serious problem. They spread disease, damage property, and contaminate food. When dealing with a rodent problem inside, you should first reduce the nearby outside population.

Rodent removal involves an initial assessment and set-up to start the process. Subsequent visits are often necessary and your options will be outlined and explained by one of our licensed pest control specialists.

A pest control specialist will locate the rodent activity areas, pre-bait traps on the initial visit and return once a week for the following three weeks to re-bait and set the traps. Dead rodent removal and disposal is included in this service as a courtesy to our clients throughout the duration of the trapping process.