Termite Problem?

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Termite Problem?

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Did you know?

Termites cause over $5 billion in property damage annually.

(Source: National Pest Management Association)

Our Termite and Wood Destroying Organisms Services:

Termite and Wood Destroying Organisms

  • Inspections
  • Clearance Reports
  • Fumigation
  • Localized Treatment
  • Wood repair and replacement

Common California Termites







What are these ants with wings flying around inside?

Those are not ants! They are, in fact, reproductive termites – also known as “alates” or

How did I get termites?

Reproductive termites / alates swarm, using their wings to travel to new locations. Once they have mated, their wings fall off and they move into the wood to establish a new colony.

Drywood termites often fly into attics through vents, or seek out framing around doors and windows.

Subterranean termites use mud tubes that extend from damp soil and commonly enter through cracks in the foundation or from soil found in a sub-area.

Can termite-damaged wood be patched?

In many cases, yes – termite-damaged wood can simply be patched after treatment to remove the insect colony. However, in some circumstances – when the wood damage is severe, or the wood is infected with dry rot or fungus it will need to be replaced.

Should I be worried about structural integrity?

It depends on the extent of the damage. Termites are typically slow-moving, so in most cases a simple wood patch is all that is needed. However, if the termites have been there for some time there may be significant damage that can weaken the structural integrity. In these situations, wood replacement and other repairs may be needed along with the termite treatment.

How much is it going to cost to get rid of the termites?

The average cost of a termite treatment is between $1,500 and $2,000 depending on the level of infestation and the extent of wood damage.

After the inspection is done, what is the next step?

Once an inspection is completed, the State of California gives us ten days to complete the report. Once the report is filed, with all findings and recommendations, the property owner or authorized agent is free to pick the options that best suit their needs, and work can begin.

Are the chemicals safe?

We offer a variety of treatment options, including low-tox treatments for those with allergies or other chemical sensitivities. All materials used pose a minimal risk when applied properly by licensed and trained professionals.

How long do people have to stay out of the property?

It depends on the treatment method. For a fumigation, the structure must be vacant for a minimum of 48 hours plus the aeration period. For local treatments, occupants can remain in the structure as long as they stay away from the work area until treatment is completed – usually a couple of hours.