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Did you know?

Termites cause over $5 billion in property damage annually.

(Source: National Pest Management Association)

Our Termite and Wood Destroying Organisms Services:

Termite and Wood Destroying Organisms

  • Inspections
  • Clearance Reports
  • Fumigation
  • Localized Treatment
  • Wood repair and replacement

Common California Termites







Where they are located

Everywhere in California. Drywood termites like drier climate. Subterranean termites favor coastal areas.

How to identify them / What do they look like?

Drywoods: reddish heads without segmented bodies. Subterranean: black without segmented bodies. Swarmers have wings of equal length.

Where do they hide?

Wood structures and finishings.  


Drywoods more commonly found in attics and around windows/doors. 

Subterranean: come up from the soil. More commonly found in subterranean areas and areas of high moisture.

What do they leave behind?

Drywoods leave behind “Frass” (termite droppings, fecal matter) looks like sand or wood chipping Subterranean leave behind mud tubes.

What dangers do they pose?

Destroy wood framing in structure, leaving it weak or brittle. 

What's involved in Attack (eliminating the problem)

Fumigation or local treatment.

How do you defend (preventing reinfestation)

Regular inspections.  

Protect (maintaining the defenses)

Residual treatments on wood members