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Attic Remediation & Protection

You don’t want droppings in your attic or insulation.

Cleaning after bird or rodent exclusion is very important to minimize the spread of various diseases associated with birds and rodents.

Performing a Deep Clean and removing all contaminated insulation will help eliminate bacteria, allergens and viruses.

We use certified HEPA vacuums and dispose of droppings and nesting debris to ensure that the job is done right.

Afterward, we apply a disinfectant, sanitizer, and viricide to reduce harmful bacteria and viruses.

The final step in the process is laying down fresh insulation to the appropriate R-value. Ensuring your attic space is clean, sanitized, properly insulated and most importantly protecting your home from any future pests for years to come!

Attic Remediation:


Attic Remediation and Insulation Replacement


Service Includes:

-Complete Removal of Nest Debris and Droppings in Attic

-Removal of Old Contaminated Insulation

-Sanitation of All Accessible Hard Surfaces with DSV (Disinfectant, Sanitizer, and Virucide)

-Replacement of Insulation with the Appropriate R Rating (Approx ___ sqft)

-TAP (Thermal, Acoustical, Pest Control) Insulation has pest control properties to protect against termites, spiders, ants, and other general pests.

-Per Fire Code, Includes Barriers Around Recessed Lights

*Additional Charges Per Can Light – $20 Each Light Exceeding 10 Can Lights

When you face serious pest control problems, there are often additional dangers from bacteria and viruses. Protect yourself, your family, and tenants by having Nisus DSV™ applied, a disinfectant, sanitizer and virucide.

From Hantavirus to E. Coli, DSV kills harmful germs, bacteria, fungi, viruses and small flies. Spray DSV on rodent, bat and bird droppings before and after clean up.