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Clean Up & Sanitation

You don’t want droppings or other unsanitary conditions on your property.

Sanitation is a crucial part of Pest Control and will assist in eliminating harborage and food sources for a number of pests especially Birds, Roaches, and Rodents.

Performing a Deep Clean and eliminating grease and other food sources is a critical step before baiting for roaches, to ensure effectiveness.

Cleaning after the roaches are eliminated will aid in reducing the bacteria and allergens spread by the roaches.

Cleaning after bird or rodent exclusion is very important to minimize the spread of various diseases associated with birds and rodents.

We use a pressure washer to break up and wash away droppings on the exterior. Then we use certified HEPA vacuums and dispose of droppings and other nesting debris to ensure that the job is done right.

Afterward, we apply a disinfectant, sanitizer, and viricide to reduce harmful bacteria and viruses.

Sanitation/Surface Cleaning:

Service Includes:

-Removal of Visible Rodent Debris and Droppings on Accessible Surfaces

-Disinfect & Sanitize Accessible Hard Surfaces with DSV (Disinfectant, Sanitizer, and Virucide)

When you face serious pest control problems, there are often additional dangers from bacteria and viruses. Protect yourself, your family, and tenants by having Nisus DSV™ applied, a disinfectant, sanitizer and virucide.

From Hantavirus to E. Coli, DSV kills harmful germs, bacteria, fungi, viruses and small flies. Spray DSV on rodent, bat and bird droppings before and after clean up.

Drain Treatments:

Even the tiniest food particles can support insect populations. Our unique system delivers powerful protection from pests and complements your sanitation process.


Using our 4-visit protocol with TrueTech® equipment and ProFoam® Platinum foaming agent, foam our special blend of Nibor-D® and Nisus DSV™ deep into drains and cracks & crevices to effectively turn residual food particles into an insecticidal bait, helping to eliminate the toughest pest problems. Use Bac-Azap to help reduce organic build-up and eliminate odors.


  • Kills pests and creates residual bait.
  • Disinfects and sanitizes.
  • Controls small flies in drains.
  • Reduces drain build-up.
  • Small fly ovicidal treatment
  • Kills cockroaches in cracks & crevices and other hiding places.

Give us your toughest challenge and we’ll help you get control of small flies and cockroaches.