Clean Up & Sanitation

You don’t want droppings or other unsanitary conditions on your property.

Sanitation is a crucial part of Pest Control and will assist in eliminating harborage and food sources for a number of pests especially Birds, Roaches, and Rodents.

Performing a Deep Clean and eliminating grease and other food sources is a critical step before baiting for roaches, to ensure effectiveness.

Cleaning after the roaches are eliminated will aid in reducing the bacteria and allergens spread by the roaches.

Cleaning after bird or rodent exclusion is very important to minimize the spread of various diseases associated with birds and rodents.

We use a pressure washer to break up and wash away droppings on the exterior. Then we use certified HEPA vacuums and dispose of droppings and other nesting debris to ensure that the job is done right.

Afterward, we apply a disinfectant, sanitizer, and viricide to reduce harmful bacteria and viruses.

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