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Clean Up & Sanitation

Sanitation is a crucial part of Pest Control that will assist in reducing harborage and food sources for a number of pests, especially Birds, Roaches, and Rodents. Performing a deep clean and eliminating grease and other food sources is a crucial step before setting baits and traps, to ensure effectiveness. Afterwards, cleaning will reduce the bacteria and allergens left behind. Birds, Roaches and Rodents leave behind waste and feces, which is not only smelly and unpleasant, but spreads disease.

We use a pressure washer to break up and wash away droppings on the exterior. Then, we use Certified HEPA vacuums, and dispose of droppings and other nesting debris. Afterwards, we apply a disinfectant, sanitizer, and virucide to reduce harmful bacteria and viruses. This three-pronged approach ensures that the job is done right!

Eliminating clutter is another critical step in eliminating places for pests to hide. We also offer Haul Away and Disposal services. Maybe it’s an old spa with a rodent nest, or a flea-infested carpet. It could be a shed full of old boxes, or a pile of leftover renovation debris. We’ll even take away your old Mattress – bed bugs or not!

Sanitation / Surface Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Removal of visible Rodent debris and droppings on accessible surfaces
  • Disinfect and Sanitize accessible hard surfaces with DSV (Disinfectant, Sanitizer, Virucide)
  • Drain Treatments

Give us your toughest challenge and we’ll help you get control of small flies and cockroaches.