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Haul Away and disposal.

You don’t want droppings or other unsanitary conditions on your property.

Eliminating clutter is a critical step in reducing pest harborage. We understand that sometimes there is not enough time in the day or enough manpower to accomplish all those home projects and remove the clutter you have been trying to for some time.

For these reasons we have extended our services to include Haul Away and disposal. Maybe it’s a flea infested carpet or an old spa in the back that you have not used for some time, and some neighborhood rats decided to move in. Maybe it is some old boxes stored in a shed full of stuff you forgot was there, a simple pile of wood debris and left over building materials, or maybe just an old mattress (bedbug infested or not).

Whatever the case may be we are here to help and we also include sanitation with a disinfectant, sanitizer, and viricide to reduce harmful bacteria and viruses, of any contaminated areas and items with our service.